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Tizer Meats

  What started out as one man cutting wild game animals in his kitchen after work, then moved to the garage, has turned into a commercial operation that now processes not only wild game during hunting season, but domestic meat throughout the rest of the year. We at Tizer Meats are committed to producing a quality product every time. Whether it's your deer, elk, antelope, or other wild game animal that you bring in or the beef, pig, or lamb that you have raised. We strive to give our customers that old fashioned personal service in a clean modern environment that utilizes state-of-the-art processing techniques. 

Our thoughts on getting the best meat....

Getting your game processed is no big deal. You can take it anywhere; and it may taste like it's been everywhere. There's more to making game taste good than simply making it look good in a package. When you bring your game to Tizer Meats you are getting some of the country's finest meat processors and sausage makers. 

 We at Tizer Meats, strive to produce the best products possible. We use the best ingredients available and continue to research new and better tasting recipes. Some processors cut corners and leave large amounts of fat and sinew in your game meat. This gives you more meat and substantially less desirable flavor. We trim your game extra lean (including trimmings for hamburger and sausage) and add real suet and pork trim, not steak fat and gristle. 

Tizer Meats has pride. Bring your game to Tizer Meats and tell your friends; you'll be glad you did!