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Check out the Standard Cuts listed at the bottom of the page!

Beef Processing Prices

We have mobile units that will come to your farm or ranch. We typically age your beef 10 -14 days. We also offer longer aging if you request. 

Our friendly office staff will assist you in choosing all of your cuts, steak thickness, roasts, and packaging size. Or you can choose the standard cuts listed at the bottom of this page.

Beef Processing Prices


$85 kill fee (oversized carcass 1000+ lbs will be charged $100 kill fee)

$30 disposal fee (if we haul away guts)

Processing $.65/lb carcass weight.

Mobile Slaughter Mileage $1/mile  (min. $10 charge)

You can choose to have "Standard Cuts" on your domestic animal if you aren't sure what you like. It's a great option if you want to try a little bit of everything!


1" thick Rib steak

1" thick T-bone steak

1 1/4" thick Tenderloin steak

1" thick Top Sirloin steak

1" thick Top Round steak

Cube steak

Flank steak

Tri-tip roast

Chuck roast

Rump roast

Sirloin Tip roast

Short Ribs

Stew meat



Ham- cut in 1/2

Thick cut ham slices


Bulk Breakfast sausage

3/4" Pork Chops

Sirloin roast

3/4" Shoulder steak

Shoulder roast

Spare Ribs

Country Style Ribs

Smoked Hocks


 1 1/4" Lamb Chops

1 1/4"  Sirloin steak

1" Shoulder steak

Shoulder roast

Lamb riblets

Leg of Lamb cut in 1/2

Stew meat

Ground Lamb


Pork Processing Prices


$50 kill fee

$180 processing fee

Sow processing- $.75/lb

If you've spent the time raising a quality pig, why stop there? We take the time to help you choose the best cuts for your needs. Tizer Meats makes the BEST bacon you can find in Helena. We also won 1st place in the State for our HAMS at the MT Meat Processors Convention! All of the hams and bacon are made right here in our shop. It takes time to make quality. And that's exactly what you will get back when we process your pig. QUALITY! 

Lamb Processing Prices


$30 kill fee

$70 processing fee