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Q.How much meat will I get back?

A. There are many factors to take in to account

*How fat was the animal?- Fatter animals yield heavier carcasses but most of the the fat is trimmed off during processing.

*How many times was it shot?- More holes, more, damage, more loss of meat due to trimming

*Where was the animal shot?- Rump or loin shot destroys lots of edible meat, and ruins entire muscles.

*Where is the bullet exit hole?- Where the bullet exits always destroys muscle tissue.

*Broken and Shattered bones?- You lose large amounts of meat due to bone splinters in hind legs and shoulders.

*Was Carcass hot or cold? - As animals  chill they lose moisture and their weight decreases.

* How far is neck skinned down on cape mount?- Large bucks have large amounts of lean meat in the neck,  You must cape down to the top of the head to obtain the most meat possible.

* How long did you leave it hanging before you delivered it to your processor?- Dried flesh on the outside of the carcass must be trimmed off.

Q. Do I get my meat back:

A. YES! We go to great lengths to keep your meat labeled and  separate. 

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. It's a good idea to call ahead and make sure we have room for you.