Retail/Domestic 2805 York  Rd.               Wildgame- 3558 Tizer Rd.     

3558 Tizer Rd. Helena, MT 59602 406-442-3096

Wild Game Animals

We are accepting wild game. Please check in at the Retail Store, 2805 York Rd.

Our Wild Game Location is also available by appointment.



$250 Steak and Burger

$35 Skin fee-(hides that are cut in 1/2 or 1/4 cost $45)

Horn and ivory removal extra

Specialty Meats





$100 Steak and Burger

$75 Loin Steak and Burger only

$60 Bone out-(Only available when you select all burger, all specialty meat, OR- Specialty Meats and burger.  No steak)

$20 Skin fee



$75 Steak and Burger

$60- Loin Steak and Burger only

$40 Bone out-(Only available when you select all burger, all specialty meat, or Specialty Meat and burger.  No steak)

$20 Skin fee

Please call for additional prices not listed here


$300 Steaks and burger

$40 Skin fee full animal

$50 if in 1/2 or 1/4



$300 minimum or $.75/lb

$75 Skinning


$60 Bone out

$75 cut and wrap

Customer Cut options

For the do-it-yourself folks. We offer grinding for $1/lb (includes suet and wrapping), Cube steaks tenderized $1/lb. Suet $2/lb or see specialty meats for more options

Our Packaging

We vacuum seal! This keeps your meat fresher longer! Traditional paper wrap lets air get into the meat and you end up with freezer burn. 


We are accepting deer, moose and elk hides. We trade gloves for hides.

Your own Meat!

A little note from Janet, the office gal:

The question I hear all the time: "Do I get my own meat back?" The answer is YES! I don't know where in Helena you can go that you don't. So it always makes me wonder, where are these people from that they even ask this question?!

Carcasses that come in are required to have the hunting tag attached to them.This is how we identify what animal is yours. When we ask the name on the tag,,,,there's a REASON! We need that hunting tag name so we can match that animal to the cutting instruction/invoice that you fill out with us in the office. That hunting tag and invoice then follow the animal through the entire process. Each animal is cut and ground separately. Labeled with your name and goes to the freezer. Simple, effective. Keep in mind we cut for QUALITY not Quantity! So if you don't get as much back as you think you should, be aware that we only put back in the package what we ourselves would be willing to eat. If there's anything wrong with any of your meat we DO NOT put it in your finished product. Our philosophy is it's better to have less pounds of delicious meat than more lbs that tastes like crap.

Bulk meat for sausage/jerky: The reason you have to have 20 lbs of your own meat for sausage and 25 lbs for jerky is because you have to have enough of YOUR OWN meat to make YOUR OWN full batch of sausage or jerky.  If you don't have enough meat for a full batch we can sell you USDA inspected Ground Beef to add to your batch.

Bulk meat for grinding into burger: You can bring in any quantity to be ground into burger. When the office gals ask if it's ready to be ground. That means, "Can it be dumped, as is, into the grinders?" If you bring in nice clean meat, you're going to like your burger! If you don't bring in nice cleaned meat, please don't be offended when we ask if you would like our cutters to clean it up.

Like any small business, we do our best to keep all our customers happy. If you have any questions or want a tour we love to bring people through. Please note: I can't give tours when any of the equipment is being used for safety reasons. We also welcome groups to schedule tours! High School groups, boy scouts, Out-of-staters, just locals that wonder what goes on with processing, pretty much any group! Please call ahead if you have more than 4 in a group. 

Custom Made Jerky and Sausages out of your own meat. Click for info.